The garden has developed since 1978 on 1.5 acres of former cherry orchard. It was a family task from the start with Tim and Mrs Nancy Ingram, his mother, taking a keen interest in ornamental planting and Jack Ingram planting fruit trees and avidly keeping the grass in tip top condition. In the beginning the garden was very open and hot, so trees were planted to create some shade. Now some of those trees are being removed to create more light. The garden has become less formal as time has gone by, with many island beds and interest focusing on plants which are Tim’s primary concern.

His first love was for alpines after visiting Joe Elliot’s nursery in the Cotswolds when he was young and he devotes time and space to growing these in special beds. Allied to love of alpines are the spring plants which take advantage of the early light and moisture. Snowdrops have great charm and diversity followed by Hellebores which continue for months, then a flood of woodland species like Anemones, Hepaticas and Trilliums. As summer approaches  his love for southern hemisphere plants, Umbellifers, and plants which thrive in hot summers by questing for their own source of water deep down becomes obvious.

A nursery ran on the site from 1987 to 2006. Plants are being grown again though at present in small numbers. We officially open in 2013.


A Plantsman’s Garden

National Garden Scheme

Open dates for 2017:

Sunday 12th February 12-4 pm

Sunday 12th March 12-5 pm

Sunday 26th March 12-5 pm

Sunday 9th April 12-5 pm

Sunday 30th April 12-5 pm

Sunday 1st May 12-5 pm

Sunday 14th May 12-5 pm

Sunday 29th May 12-5 pm

Homemade Teas

Note parking is off site, in laybys and on roadsides.


Sunday 18th February 12-4 pm

Tim has been a member of the Alpine Garden Society most of his gardening life and is an active member of our two local groups, the East Kent and the Mid Kent groups which are both keen to promote interest in alpine plants and welcome new members.

Tim is also a keen member of the local Kent Group of the Hardy Plant Society.

    Plant Shows 2017

Saturday 4th February Best of Faversham, in Preston Street, Faversham

Sunday 5th February Plant Fairs Roadshow at Hole Park

Sunday 19th February Doddington Place open for NGS 11 am to 4 pm

Saturday 4th March Alpine Garden Society, Harlow, Essex, Early Spring Show

Sunday 19th March Hardy Plant Society-Kent Group Lenham Community Centre

Saturday 1st April Alpine Garden Society South West Show, Exeter

Saturday  15th April Alpine Garden Society, Kent Show, Sutton Valence School

Sunday 23rd April Plant Fairs Roadshow at Hall Place

Saturday 6th May Alpine Garden Society, East Anglia Show

Saturday 20th May Plant Fairs Roadshow at Telegraph Hill Centre

Sunday 21st May Whitstable Open Gardens

Saturday 27th May Alpine Garden Society, Wimborne Show, Dorset

Saturday 3rd June Best of Faversham, in Preston Street, Faversham

Sunday 4th June Little Gardens of Sandwich,

Saturday 17th June Best of Faversham in Preston Street, Faversham

Sunday 25th June Faversham open gardens and Gardens Market

Sunday 23rd July Plant Fairs Roadshow at Tilgate Park, Crawley

Sunday 20th August Plant Fairs Roadshow at Chawton House, Hants

Saturday 21st October Alpine Garden Society, Kent Autumn Show, Sutton Valence School

Kent Garden Show

The four Kent groups of the Alpine Garden Society held a display in the main Pavilion in May 2013. Tim has described building it on the Alpine Forum. The weather was horrible when we set up but proved very popular with visitors. We were awarded a Platinum Medal.

We are sorry but we are not open on Wednesday 17th May 2017.